Zyston’s trusted advisors partner with organizations to build the CISO function from the ground up, creating a strategic framework for the department, as well as providing the delivery of specialized talent needed to meet clients’ specific security requirements.

Rather than providing access to a one-off consultant, Zyston creates tailored, individualized CISO-as-a-Service plans for each client. While some companies may require a full-time, transitional CISO, others may find that a CISO on-demand service is a better fit for their organization. In either case, by partnering with Zyston to create a CISO role, clients not only gain access to a strategic, senior-level advisor, but also a comprehensive team of Zyston security experts who are able to form the foundation of a new information security department and augment existing security teams.

Each Zyston CISO brings years of experience and a background that is rooted in business strategy, enabling them to create a solid foundation for the role – rather than chasing the latest trendy technology or headline-making threat. By applying our proven methodology for the establishment of a CISO role, Zyston quickly learns our clients’ businesses, assesses risk exposure, sets priorities and develops long-term security strategies that are in lock-step with business strategies.

Our Flagship Offering – CISO-As-A-Service

Zyston’s CISO-As-A-Service offerings provide access to world-class CISOs in a variety of ways, including Board Advisory Services, as well as Full, Interim and Virtual roles tailored for each client.


Board Advisory Services
Assess & Advise


Full-time, Dedicated CISO
Build, Run, Operate


Transitional CISO
Run, Operate


Virtual, Dedicated CISO
Strategic Deliverables