Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

We are in the midst of a global talent shortage. Where cybersecurity is concerned, the challenge is even more critical as malicious attacks increase and cybercriminals continue to gain ground.

Cybersecurity is a highly specialized field that demands advanced knowledge and constant learning. Demand is high, supply is low, and competition for existing talent in the market is fierce. Recruiting in the cybersecurity space is a challenging endeavor, but retaining that talent, once acquired, can be even harder.

Zyston’s Human Capital Services helps you meet and overcome these challenges, helping you achieve value faster, reduce cost, and mitigate the risk involved with a traditional recruiting process.

The Zyston Advantage

Zyston specializes in Human Capital Services Services, specifically in the cybersecurity industry. Our global network and relationships with key players and educators provide our clients unprecedented access to both established and emerging cyber talent at every level.

Whether you are looking for executive leadership, analysts, managers, or top technicians, Zyston is your go-to. Our networks and processes ensure you have the skill sets you need and an excellent cultural fit, giving you a distinct advantage over non-specialized recruiters.

We have deep experience working with organizations in a range of industry niches, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, financial services, agriculture, and more.

Executive Search

Leadership requires experience, vision, and deep industry knowledge. Our executive search recruiting process focuses on senior information security professionals at the top of their game. Our network includes a growing network of CISOs along with former CIOs and CISOs from our internal group, who help us identify, source, and screen top talent across the nation.

Contract Solutions

Zyston maintains a substantial database of contract cybersecurity professionals available for project-based, short-term, or long-term contracts within your company. This approach is beneficial for organizations that need to augment their internal information technology security team or add a specific skill to staff a project adequately. Speak to us about your needs to get the process started.

Fractional Services

Fractional services are a way to access leadership talent in cybersecurity without the hassle and expense of recruiting, payroll, or benefits. Zyston provides fractional CISO services to support various initiatives, including compliance, certifications, risk assessments, and cybersecurity program management. It’s a flexible option to traditional hiring that helps you reach your business goals faster.

For Job Seekers

We invite you to submit your CV and cover letter to Zyston for consideration. We offer boundless opportunities for advancement and learning in the exciting cybersecurity field. Whether you are just starting out, looking for your next challenge, or wanting to level up in your career, we’d love to hear from you.

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