People, Processes, Technology

The three primary tenants of running an effective cybersecurity program are People, Processes, and Technology. Unfortunately, many service providers only focus on the technology, limiting your organization’s ability to make sizable gains in maturing your cybersecurity program over time.

Zyston’s approach is different. We are business and customer-centric, and we understand the unique challenges organizations face in today’s complex threat environment. Our methodologies are individualized to each customer’s specific requirements and designed to mature over time. To ensure success and support progress, we quantify your metrics in everyday language that is easily understood by management and the executive team.

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People, Processes, Technology

Why Zyston?

Zyston is unlike other service providers. Our services are end-to-end, carefully crafted, and comprehensive, designed to address all critical areas, ensuring a seamless solution that helps us build, operate, and mature an effective and dynamic information security program at a cost that fits your budget.

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CyberCAST Software

At the core of Zyston’s comprehensive security solution is a proprietary security management system based on Zyston’s proven program management methodology.

CyberCAST enhances our managed security services, illuminating critical insights into an organization’s threat susceptibility and informing a dynamic cybersecurity strategy that matures over time.

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Managed Services

We take a multi-layered approach to managed services that go beyond the alert. While other MSSPs simply send alerts and expect you to do the rest, we monitor and correlate security events and support you with a dedicated program manager (CPM) to oversee remediation. CPMs can be included in all CyberCAST managed services plans.

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Risk Assessments

All engagements begin with a comprehensive risk assessment, powered by our proprietary technology, CyberCAST. CyberCAST scores your risk based on factors specific to your organization and compared to industry benchmarks. Your score provides us with a baseline for action, helping us develop a detailed roadmap to inform our strategy. CyberCAST tracks your progress and provides detailed reports to track program maturity.

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Penetration Testing

Zyston’s cybersecurity experts safely stage real cyberattack scenarios to discover vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss, IT system compromise, or other adverse business outcomes. When we identify vulnerabilities, we purposely exploit them to understand how best to approach a mitigation strategy. We then architect a plan tailored to your specific needs and the broader concerns of your industry.

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Human Capital Services

Zyston specializes in Human Capital Services for cybersecurity. Our global network of talent and relationships with key players in cyber education provide our clients with unprecedented access to top cyber talent at every level. From the executive suite to specialized technicians to augment your in-house team, we help you reduce risk, optimize spend, and increase time-to-result, ensuring you have the right skills and cultural fit for your needs.

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About Zyston

Learn more about how Zyston goes beyond the alert

Artificial Intelligence eBook

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Why Zyston?

Zyston is unlike other cybersecurity-managed service providers. Here’s why Zyston is the best choice for security-related business solutions:

  • We provide end-to-end, carefully crafted, and comprehensively managed SIEM solutions.
  • We offer solutions designed to address all three tenants of a successful cybersecurity program: People, Process, and Technology.
  • We ensure a seamless solution, helping us build, operate, and mature an effective and dynamic information security program for you. 
  • Our service offering adapts to our client’s budget.
  • We are committed to offering a customer-centric approach, prioritizing our customer’s needs and goals.

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You want to get a glimpse into what our cybersecurity assessment tool can offer? Try CyberCAST Snapshot before committing to a long-term security testing platform.

CyberCAST Snapshot is Zyston’s free, lightweight security assessment. In minutes, you’ll have a snapshot of your company’s risk score to help inform your next steps.

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