Ransomware Negotiator - Ask Me Anything

Presented by Kurtis Minder, CEO & Co-Founder of GroupSense

Topic: Ransomware Negotiator – Ask Me Anything

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According to a former senior White House official, 2020 was the year that ransomware went from being a nuisance to a full-scale national security threat and a “scourge.” The frequency of ransomware attacks has increased dramatically over the past year, with 93% more carried out in the first half of 2021 than the same period last year. Ransom payments topped over $400 million last year and is on pace for another record breaking year in 2021. Although those payments may seem jaw-dropping its nothing compared to the damage that a ransomware attack can cause on enterprises and critical infrastructure such as the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Go behind the scenes with Kurtis Minder, CEO and Co-Founder of GroupSense, and get exclusive access and insight into the world of Ransomware attacks.

About The Speaker:
Kurtis Minder is the co-founder and CEO of GroupSense, an enterprise digital risk protection company. He is also a frequent contributor to the start-up community and serves as an advisor and mentor to growing companies. He arrived at GroupSense after more than 20 years in roles spanning operations, design and business development at companies like Mirage Networks (acquired by Trustwave), Caymas Systems (acquired by Citrix) and Fortinet (IPO).