Ransomware Negotiator - Ask Me Anything

Presented by Bryce Webster-Jacobsen
Director of Intelligence Operations for GroupSense

Topic: Ransomware Negotiator – Ask Me Anything

Time: On-Demand Webinar

Join us for a webinar on the topic of ransomware, where we will go behind the scenes with a real-life ransomware negotiator. In this webinar, we will discuss the current state of ransomware attacks, their impact on organizations, and strategies for preventing and mitigating these attacks. Our special guest will share insights and real-world experiences from negotiating with ransomware operators. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert and gain valuable knowledge on how to protect your organization from the growing threat of ransomware.

Go behind the scenes with Bryce Webster-Jacobsen, Director of Intelligence Operations for GroupSense, and get exclusive access and insight into the world of Ransomware attacks.

About The Speaker:
Bryce is the Director of Intelligence Operations at GroupSense. He leads the day-to-day intelligence activities of GroupSense’s Analyst and Research teams, producing finished, tailored intelligence for our clients. Bryce has previously worked in strategic international education initiatives and trained in open-source intelligence.