A Real and Present Danger

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a breach today is $4.24 million, the highest average reported in 17 years. It takes organizations more than 280 days from initial detection to contain and remediate the incident, and many do not survive.

Legacy systems, unpatched software, and the recent prevalence of remote work have increased exploitable vulnerabilities. This widespread situation presents malicious actors with unprecedented opportunities. It underscores the need for an ongoing and proactive cycle, including monitoring, assessing, classifying, analyzing, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities in your organization’s software, systems, and network.

Stay ahead of these threats with Zyston’s expertise and industry-leading vulnerability management software. Request a free assessment today and gain invaluable insights into your organization’s security posture.


Reliable Managed Vulnerability Services

At Zyston, we understand the importance of staying proactive in the face of potential vulnerabilities. That’s why we offer comprehensive and reliable MSSP services that allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s network security needs. We identify and assess potential vulnerabilities, prioritize them based on severity, and offer tailored solutions to address each one. 

Our full-service managed vulnerability services include:

  • 24/7 security monitoring to identify vulnerabilities in software and systems
  • Assess security status continually
  • Analyze systems, networks, software, and computers
  • Prioritize, organize, update, and patch vulnerabilities
  • Classify vulnerabilities against known threats

Powered by CyberCAST, the #1 Vulnerability Management Software

Zyston vulnerability management is powered by CyberCAST, Zyston’s proprietary management platform. Vulnerability management is part of our CyberCAST Managed Services and an essential practice to ensure the ongoing efficacy of your security program.

Our process starts with a CyberCAST Risk Assessment. This initial scan provides us with a comprehensive report highlighting open vulnerabilities and areas of potential risk and informing us of the next steps. Technical penetration testing helps us identify hidden vulnerabilities and areas of concern within your systems and throughout the organization.

Unlock the power of our cutting-edge vulnerability management software at Zyston. With its advanced capabilities, our vulnerability management tool provides you with real-time visibility into your security landscape. In turn, it allows you to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities and fortify your organization against cyber threats.

Going Beyond the Alert

Many MSSP services simply fill your inbox with alerts and leave it to you to remediate. Zyston is a vulnerability management service provider with a 360˚ approach. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen and mature your security program over time. 

Continuous monitoring and proactive management ensure fast response and decisive action. This empowers your organization with next-generation information security technology, advanced processes, and the talent to bring it all together.

Take control of your cybersecurity. Contact Zyston today and unlock the power of our cutting-edge vulnerability management software and reliable managed vulnerability services. Protect your business from threats and safeguard your future.


Vulnerability Management

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The Top-Rated Vulnerability Management Service Provider

"As part of our ongoing commitment to having a strategic, sustainable information security program, it was important for us to find a partner that understood the importance of tying that strategy back to our overarching business goals. "

Keyvan Bohlooli, CIO


Why Zyston?

Zyston is unlike other cybersecurity-managed service providers. Here’s why Zyston is the best choice for security-related business solutions:

  • We provide end-to-end, carefully crafted, and comprehensively managed SIEM solutions.
  • We offer solutions designed to address all three tenants of a successful cybersecurity program: People, Process, and Technology.
  • We ensure a seamless solution, helping us build, operate, and mature an effective and dynamic information security program for you. 
  • Our service offering adapts to our client’s budget.
  • We are committed to offering a customer-centric approach, prioritizing our customer’s needs and goals.

Let’s Start the

Set up a call to speak to us about your staffing needs. Zyston’s cybersecurity executive search solutions leverage a global network and highly specialized industry expertise. We ensure you have the talent and skills you need and a good cultural fit. Our Human Capital Services go beyond the placement to ensure your new hire exceeds expectations. 

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