Industry Dominance Requires Strong Executive Talent

Today’s automated and highly digitized business environment has increased risk for organizations of all sizes in every industry. Having the right technology is no longer sufficient to manage information security. You must also have the right technical talent and strong leadership to guide them.

The role of a CISO continues to evolve and gain importance in the leadership hierarchy. Thus, we strive to support organizations in building teams that address today’s needs and what’s on the horizon.

As companies shift operations to the cloud, prioritize mobility, and build out automation, leaders must be capable of influencing people and partners at many strategic levels. Staying on top of technology trends is just the tip of the iceberg, as the risk is high, and failure is not an option.

Your ideal leader provides balance and context between technology, processes, and people, enabling a seamless alignment between internal company culture and external business goals. Find the perfect talent for your business by partnering with Zyston, the leading executive search solution in the cybersecurity industry.


Why Choose Us? The Best Cybersecurity Recruitement Solution

Choosing Zyston for a cybersecurity executive search offers many tangible benefits. We leverage a vast network of resources and proven leadership talent. As a result, we give you access to individuals with the vision and expertise you need to advance and mature your organization’s security program. Our cybersecurity recruitment services offer the following:

  • Personalized approach
  • Proven executive talent
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce risk
  • Unprecedented access
  • Reduce time-to-result
  • Fast onboarding

We help you find the best candidates with the skills you need for your organization. Equip your business with the best talent and stay on track to meeting your goals with Zyston’s cybersecurity executive recruiting solutions.


A Cybersecurity Recruiting Solution with Experience, Vision, and Deep Industry Knowledge

Executive leadership requires vision and strategy. Faced with the volatility of today’s threat environment, business growth is impossible without it. Any delays or missteps weaken your market position and put your business continuity at risk.

Stay ahead of the competition and reinforce your position with the right talent by your side. Zyston offers comprehensive and custom cybersecurity job recruitment for U.S.-based organizations. We are the leading cybersecurity company specializing in recruiting services. Zyton has years of experience and a track record of success partnering organizations with the right cybersecurity executives.

Our cybersecurity executive search recruiting process focuses on senior information cybersecurity professionals at the top of their game. Our network includes a growing network of CISOs and former CIOs and CISOs from our internal group. This qualified team helps us identify, source, and screen top talent where it lives.


Human Capital Services

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Zyston’s Human Capital Services team is dedicated to helping you build a strong information security team. We offer comprehensive services, providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions, staff augmentation, temporary, temp-to-hire, fractional CISO, and executive search.

At Zyston, we pride ourselves in:

  • Offering full-service, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions.
  • Providing solutions that fit your budget. 
  • Helping you strengthen your team with highly qualified members that adapt to your culture.
  • Offering a customer-centric approach, prioritizing our customer’s needs and goals.

Tell us more about your company and hiring needs. Provide some preliminary information, and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, we invite you to contact us directly during business hours.

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Set up a call to speak to us about your staffing needs. Zyston’s cybersecurity executive search solutions leverage a global network and highly specialized industry expertise. We ensure you have the talent and skills you need and a good cultural fit. Our Human Capital Services go beyond the placement to ensure your new hire exceeds expectations. 

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