Ready to level up your cyber threat detection and response? Today’s cyberattacks are more sophisticated and complex than ever. As remote work environments continue to increase risk—and as cyber criminals become savvier—there’s never been a greater need for specialized cyber protection. If you’re searching for the best cyber security in NYC and beyond, Zyston is the industry leader. We provide clients in all industries with agile, scalable solutions. We’re ready to help you accomplish your cybersecurity goals, all while working within your budget.

Scalable Cybersecurity Solutions for NYC Businesses

Looking for a cybersecurity partner that puts the needs of your business first? Zyston is unlike other cyber security companies in NYC—we not only monitor cyber threats against your business, but we also provide solutions to overcome them and make sure your valuable information is never compromised.

Our scalable solutions grow and mature with you. They’re customized to your exact needs right now, so you’re never paying for services you don’t use. Best of all, our security solutions and software systems are designed with the average person in mind. That means you don’t have to be a technical genius to understand it. Our security solutions are easy to understand and communicate to executive leadership, so your entire team can always stay in the know and enjoy peace of mind that your valuable information is always protected.

Our proprietary CyberCAST software lies at the core of everything we do. It’s an all-in-one cybersecurity solution that includes risk assessment and security roadmaps that drive program maturity, help you track security goals, and inform progress toward those goals. With the help of the CyberCAST software, Zyston provides comprehensive Managed Security Services, including:

  • Detect and Respond (EDR, MRD, XDR)
  • Managed SIEM
  • Vulnerability Management

The Zyston Difference

Aside from our innovative CyberCAST software, there are two key ways our cybersecurity solutions stand out from the competition. Here’s how we’re different:

  • Dedicated CPMs. Zyston is proud to provide personalized service for every client, no matter what size of business you run or what services you provide. Every client is assigned a dedicated Cybersecurity Program Manager (CPM) that serves as your trusted point of contact between your Information Security Team and Zyston’s Security Operations Center. You can count on a CPM that’s responsive and committed to protecting your business, providing a wide range of services, including reviewing security incidents, performing root cause analysis, and ensuring all security incidents are completely remediated.
  • We take action. Most cybersecurity providers only alert their clients to cyber threats. We go far above and beyond these services, providing diagnostic and remediation services to resolve the issue—your team never has to lift a finger.

Providing Enhanced Managed Cybersecurity for NYC Organizations and Beyond

When you’re looking for a cybersecurity partner who truly understands and cares about the goals and needs of your business, Zyston is the team you can turn to for unparalleled service and dedication. Our all-in-one, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions protect businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Reach out to our helpful staff today to discover how our approach to cybersecurity can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your critical business infrastructure is well-protected.

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Why Zyston?

Zyston is unlike other cybersecurity-managed service providers. Here’s why Zyston is the best choice for security-related business solutions:

  • We provide end-to-end, carefully crafted, and comprehensively managed SIEM solutions.
  • We offer solutions designed to address all three tenants of a successful cybersecurity program: People, Process, and Technology.
  • We ensure a seamless solution, helping us build, operate, and mature an effective and dynamic information security program for you. 
  • Our service offering adapts to our client’s budget.
  • We are committed to offering a customer-centric approach, prioritizing our customer’s needs and goals.

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You want to get a glimpse into what our cybersecurity assessment tool can offer? Try CyberCAST Snapshot before committing to a long-term security testing platform.

CyberCAST Snapshot is Zyston’s free, lightweight security assessment. In minutes, you’ll have a snapshot of your company’s risk score to help inform your next steps.

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Cities: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco

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