A Three-fold MSSP Approach

After realizing that most managed SOCs flood security teams with alerts that rarely have action taken on them, Zyston built out a SOC that operates differently. We monitor and correlate events, and help clients by offering a dedicated program manager to manage remediation. Our tailored reports assess processes in place, driving real program maturity that is unmatched in the industry.

MSSP: People

Client Program Manager

Zyston provides clients with an onsite Client Program Manager (CPM) who serves as an onsite or virtual point-of-contact to bridge the communication gap between information security and the business. The designated CPM utilizes business intelligence gathered during the RSA to prioritize and coordinate tactical reduction of organizational security risks.

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Managed Security

Information Security Programs Service
MSSP: Process

Rapid Security Assessment

Zyston’s MSSP(e) services include a Rapid Security Assessment (RSA) that provides organizations with a quantified business risk score for leaders to track security program progress. Zyston maps each client’s RSA to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

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MSSP: Technology

Cyber Threat Intelligence Center

Zyston’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Center (CTIC) is a fully-functional Security Operations Center (SOC) with 24x7x365 event monitoring with rapid threat response. The CTIC performs root-cause analysis to correlate and cross-reference events, providing managed security services clients with detailed reports that drive program maturity.

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Forrester Report

In this report, Forrester evaluates cybersecurity providers and offers insights into Market Presence, Strategy and Offerings.


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CyberCAST Managed Security

Take a look at our one pager to see how our CyberCAST Managed Security services could help your business thrive. Download now.

Take a look at our one pager to see how our CyberCAST Managed Security services could help your business thrive. Download now.

Even with the best cybersecurity technologies in place, no organization is completely safe from cyber threats, including security breaches. No matter the size of the business you run, detecting and responding to threats as quickly as possible is critical.

Zyston’s Managed Security Services gives businesses peace of mind that their valuable information is well-protected. As one of the leading managed security service providers in the nation, we not only detect potential threats quickly, but we also act swiftly to neutralize them. We’re the team you can trust to provide the support you require, exactly when you need it most.

Zyston’s Approach to Cybersecurity

At Zyston, we’re your cybersecurity partner. You get much more than the simple threat detection provided by most MSSPs—our managed security services go well beyond that scope. We provide your organization with the specialty expertise, technology, and intelligence to identify and eliminate the most complex of threats before they can damage your business and your reputation. Here’s how we can help your business:

  • Advanced Detection and Response. Today’s hackers are savvier than ever, and threats are becoming more complex day by day. Our advanced detection and response services mature with you, strengthening your security program over time. Relying on our proprietary CyberCAST software, we provide endpoint detection and response; managed detection and response; and extended detection and response.
  • Vulnerability Management. We offer 24/7, round-the-clock security monitoring to determine vulnerabilities in your organization’s software and systems. By providing continuous assessments of your security status and classifying them against known threats, we can address all areas of concern within your systems and throughout your organization.
  • Managed SIEM. Security Information Event Management (SIEM) is a framework for all security events in your organization’s network. In CyberCAST, Zyston manages SIEM processes and reports, using data to provide next-gen detection and response solutions. It’s another component of our proactive response to cyber threats.

The Zyston Difference

Many cybersecurity companies claim they offer round-the-clock assistance to their clients. The truth is, few do. Cyber threats can happen at any time of the day or night, often when you least expect them. You need a team of cybersecurity experts on your side to act quickly at a moment’s notice—when it comes to protecting your critical information, even seconds count.

Zyston’s end-to-end CyberCAST software solutions are just the start of what we have to offer our clients. One thing that sets us apart from other cybersecurity firms is that we set every client up with a dedicated Cybersecurity Program Manager (CPM). You get individual, customized attention and enjoy peace of mind that a single point of contact is working hard on your behalf and is available to communicate with you at a moment’s notice. The world of cybersecurity may seem like an impersonal one, and Zyston’s looking to change that. By offering one-on-one personalized attention, you can rest assured your cybersecurity threats are tailored to your unique needs and can scale with you as your program matures.

Zyston Sets the Standard for Managed Security Services

Zyston is unlike other cybersecurity providers. We go above and beyond threat detection, using the latest tools and technologies to diagnose and remediate all threats as soon as they’re noticed. Contact our helpful team today to request your free, comprehensive risk assessment.

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Cities: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco

States: Texas, Georgia, California, New York, Illinois