Managed Security Services

Zyston recognizes that not all organizations are made equal. Zyston clients receive a customized MSSP offering that ranges from traditional managed security services to a fully managed program as a service (IPaaS). No matter the program maturity, Zyston clients realize rapid operational maturity in their cyber security program.

A Three-fold Approach to Managed Security Services. 

After realizing that most managed SOCs flood security teams with alerts that rarely have action taken on them, Zyston built out a SOC that operates differently. We monitor and correlate events, and help clients by offering a dedicated program manager to manage remediation. Our tailored reports assess processes in place, driving real program maturity that is unmatched in the industry.


Client Program Manager

Zyston provides clients with an onsite Client Program Manager (CPM) who serves as an onsite or virtual point-of-contact to bridge the communication gap between information security and the business. The designated CPM utilizes business intelligence gathered during the RSA to prioritize and coordinate tactical reduction of organizational security risks.


Rapid Security Assessment

Zyston’s MSSP(e) services include a Rapid Security Assessment (RSA) that provides organizations with a quantified business risk score for leaders to track security program progress. Zyston maps each client’s RSA to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Center

Zyston’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Center (CTIC) is a fully-functional Security Operations Center (SOC) with 24x7x365 event monitoring with rapid threat response. The CTIC performs root-cause analysis to correlate and cross-reference events, providing managed security services clients with detailed reports that drive program maturity.

Our Offerings




Zyston’s Managed Security Services clients enjoy a 24/7 Security Operations Center that utilizes the best technology and the people to provide valuable insights to each client.

MSSP(e) clients gain an onsite security practitioner, a Rapid Security Assessment, and a 24/7 managed Security Operations Center that is aligned to the business.

Zyston’s IPaaS provides the full-service capabilities required to manage complete oversight of an organization’s entire information security program.

Next Generation Managed Security Services

24×7 Threat Management and Response

Zyston’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Center (CTIC) is home to a team of cybersecurity professionals dedicated to preventing data breaches and other security threats through continuous monitoring and analysis of a client’s security posture, including system audits and suspicious activity reporting. The Zyston CTIC is in full operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring uninterrupted supervision of client environments. MSSP(e) clients also receive an onsite security practitioner to manage any needed remediation.

Managed / Co-Managed Security Stack

Zyston utilizes the best technology on the market and is constantly increasing its breadth of innovative tools. Zyston hires only the best available talent to be able to fully utilize the tools in its repertoire (i.e., SIEM, Firewalls, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, etc.).

Event Correlation and Analysis

Zyston’s detailed event correlation helps clients align high fidelity log sources with high-value target company resources to focus on security events that impact your business.

Reporting That Drives Program Maturity

Zyston believes that in-depth reporting adds significant value to a firm who wishes to improve its security program maturity instead of simply managing events that come through. Zyston’s reporting allows for program maturity more than anyone else on the market. Our consultants lead meaningful investigations that lead to substantial program improvements through NIST and roadmap updates, root cause analysis, data trends in SIEM, and other managed tools in customer environments. Zyston also offers an extensive content library to utilize for reporting purposes.

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