As technology advances and every business becomes connected to the internet in some form, whether it is for communication, data storage, or cloud computations, the importance of cyber security has increased exponentially. The more connections your business has to the outside world through the internet, the more ways malicious actors can get inside your network and wreak havoc, whether it is locking down systems through DDOS attacks, or planting ransomware attempting to extort large sums of money. Cyber security in NYC is a necessity, and Zyston is here to help your business stay protected. Below outlines why cyber security is important for your business now and going forward.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is on the rise as more devices connect to the internet, and the more ways we develop to prevent cyber crime, the more black hat hackers become ingenious. Cyber security in NYC is a necessity when it comes to preventing all types of cyber crime, and it comes in many varieties. In the older days of the internet, the main worry was general viruses, and hackers entering unsecured business networks that didn’t have firewalls. With the advent of more secure technology options, more methods of cyber crime have appeared too.

The most common type you will hear about on the news these days is either a hacker that has infiltrated and copied databases or deployed ransomware through stealing credentials via social engineering attacks. Most attacks are preventable, and with the right cyber security company backing you up, you can vastly reduce your risk of becoming a cyber crime victim.

Cyber Security

Any business these days, especially small ones, are going to have a hard time defending themselves from cyber crime, mainly due to the cost of implementation and dedicated staff. With the help of a cyber security in NYC expert team, cyber security strategies can be drafted, and implemented quickly, protecting your company’s data and infrastructure.

Cyber Attacks Are Devastating

Common attack targets for cyber crime hackers are company databases, proprietary code, and bank accounts. Hackers will use a variety of methods to attempt to get into a network, or overwhelm a network to get your company data, either sell it to the highest bidder or to extort your business for large sums of money to delete their copy. Any cyber crime targeting your business will be devastating.

If it’s a ransomware attack, it could shut down your entire company’s network and all your workstations for days or even weeks, costing millions of dollars in lost work. If you have data stolen, it could cost your company contracts or result in lawsuits.

Increased reliance on cloud technology, like cloud storage systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and cloud computing options like AWS, has increased the locations hackers can target, meaning cyber security is an absolute necessity, and you will want the best protection for your data and hardware.

Cyber Security in NYC

Whether your business is centered in NYC and needs cyber security in NYC, or anywhere in the nation, Zyston is here to help you protect your business from cyber crimes. With our managed cyber security solutions, we offer the most complete cybersecurity program available on the market today; it’s easy to use, and robust. Contact us to meet with our experts for a free risk assessment.