Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, so protecting yourself and your business is important. Preventing cyber-attacks and knowing the different kinds of protocols, tools, exploits, and resources used by malicious individuals is important. That’s how cybersecurity works to protect your business. Furthermore, awareness of where and how attacks happen will help you to create preventive measures to protect your systems.

Cybersecurity attacks can happen at any time, and to any company, big or small. So it is worth investing in preventative measures and regularly monitoring your systems for any suspicious activity. This blog will cover security risks and threats and how to prevent them successfully!

What is Cybersecurity Risk?

Cybersecurity risk refers to the risks associated with devices, networks, and programs vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A cyber attack is an attempt by a threat actor to exploit a weakness or vulnerability in an organization’s system or individuals. This can lead to unauthorized access, theft, alteration, destruction, or disabling of assets.

It is important to understand the different types of threats and how they work to know what prevention techniques to use. Common threats include malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, MITM attacks, SQL injections, and data breaches.

What Are the Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Right Now?

biggest cybersecurity threats now

Cyber attacks have evolved to use modern technology for malicious purposes over time. While technology has many positive uses, it can also be used for harmful purposes, which is why investing in cybersecurity is a must. The following are the online threats you should be cautious of when browsing:



Artificial intelligence (AI) can create bogus images, videos, and sounds that resemble real individuals. This can be detrimental as it may lead to wrongful accusations and incrimination of people for actions they did not commit. And can certainly affect any ecommerce business.

Malware and Phishing Attacks

Malware is a malicious program that can be used to gain unauthorized access, steal data, or corrupt systems. It can be sent via phishing attacks disguised as legitimate emails, links, or downloads.


According to Investopedia, ransomware is a type of malware that is used to lock a user’s computer system until a ransom is paid. This is a tactic used by hackers to extort money from their victims.

This malware is created to encrypt data and extort money from victims in exchange for access back into their system. To access the files, the organization needs the encryption key which hackers refuse to give until they get a ransom. It’s common for hackers to ask for payment in cryptocurrency because it’s considered harder to trace.

Data Breaches

Unauthorized access to sensitive information is another common threat in today’s digital world. It can lead to identity theft and financial fraud or create legal issues for companies and organizations.

Synthetic Identities

To create a synthetic identity, criminals combine genuine and fake credentials. They incorporate real data, like social security numbers, and pair it with false details. These fraudulent identities are employed for illegal purposes.

AI-Powered Cyber Attacks

Artificial intelligence is once again used for malicious intent. Artificial Intelligence is currently programmed to mimic human behavior. This can be misleading and cause people to provide sensitive information or money to the wrong person mistakenly.

Vehicle Cyber Attacks 

In a world where everything is connected, hackers can target vehicles and access them to steal personal data, track individuals, acquire driving history, and even take over or disable the vehicle’s safety functions.

Cloud Jacking

Cloud jacking is when criminals hack into a business’s cloud storage system and use their resources for mining cryptocurrency. Cloud jacking can lead to hefty bills, downtime, and more.

Understanding the different types of cyber threats makes it possible to create countermeasures that will help protect your business from any potential attacks. Prevention is the best defense for cybersecurity, so investing in security measures such as risk assessment and cybersecurity tools is essential. It’s also important to educate yourself and your team on cyber threats so that everyone can stay vigilant about potential attacks.

Why You Should Consider Using an MSSP Service?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider using an MSSP service. One of the biggest benefits is that a MSSP can help protect your business from cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and data breaches. With a well-implemented security strategy, an MSSP can provide continuous monitoring to identify and respond to potential issues.

Zyston has been ranked as the 76th out of the Top 250 MSSPs for 2022 by MSSP Alert, a CyberRisk Alliance resource. This is the third consecutive year that Zyston has been featured on the list of top Managed Security Service Providers.  With our team of experts and cutting-edge technology, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the threat landscape.

Zyston, Your Trusted Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider!

Cybersecurity is as important as any other business foundation. Protecting your business from hackers with malicious intent is a priority, so you must find the right cybersecurity talent to help protect your business.

Here at Zyston, we have a philosophy and execution that is our gold standard in operational effectiveness: people, processes, and technology. We are committed to offering the best possible cybersecurity solutions to help you build and operate an effective information security program. With our risk assessments made with our CyberCAST tool, our experts will help you identify and understand the risks you are exposed to so that your business can be prepared for any potential threats. Contact us to learn more about our services!