Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Zyston’s team of experts is led by some of the world’s most prominent names in security – including the former CISOs of Fortune 250 corporations, former U.S. Military officials and leading industry authorities. Collectively, our team has designed, developed, implemented and executed successful information security programs protecting assets worth billions of dollars.

The Zyston team is comprised of innovative technologists with deep business experience, which is why we approach information security in a fundamentally different way. Our proven approach places business needs at the center of our consultative methodology:
Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, Adapt & Overcome.

At Zyston, we commence each client engagement by conducting a Business Impact Analysis which evaluates an organization’s mission-critical business needs. The assessment takes into account the organization as a whole and addresses the needs of each department. In fact, our initial analysis begins by meeting with departmental leaders throughout the organization to determine what processes are essential to the success and stability of the company.

We then conduct our Digital Reconnaissance of Network Environment – or DRONE – which evaluates networks and technology to identify information security gaps, as well perform an ISO Assessment to ensure standards are met. Finally, we consider security needs based on each client’s unique regulatory requirements – ranging from SEC rules to HIPAA restrictions and everything in-between.

By prioritizing the systems and assets required to meet business and regulatory requirements, we provide our clients with the objectivity and clarity necessary to determine what to secure and how to secure it. We then apply our business expertise to equip clients with actionable, metrics-driven information security frameworks that clearly align security needs and solutions to the organization’s core business, and can be easily communicated to executive team members.

Today’s CISOs are charged with protecting their organizations from attack. As such, CISOs need to not only understand their own organizations, but also the motivations and capabilities of potential attackers – ranging from state-sponsored hackers and cyber criminals to hacktivists and insider threats. To provide CISOs with a clear view of the battle field and potential enemies, Zyston has developed strategic partnerships with world leaders in cyber threat intelligence that deliver the most accurate and up-to-date research and analysis of information security threats, along with actionable insights on the specific threats relevant to our clients’ businesses.

We know from experience that not all threats are created equal, and that blindly adding to an arsenal of security solutions does not result in a more stable information security environment. By leveraging world-class threat intelligence, and aligning this knowledge to each client’s strategic assets, the Zyston team empowers our clients to adapt their strategies intelligently and to allocate dollars, technology and talent effectively to defend their business.

In today’s ever-evolving information security environment, CISOs need to be prepared to adapt their defenses to address a sophisticated range of attackers. Despite what software vendors may say, technology alone is not a silver bullet that can ensure the security of an organization. Security is ultimately a conversation about people. As trusted strategic advisors, Zyston is prepared to help our clients preemptively address changing information security needs by delivering the expertise and talent needed to get the job done.

In many cases, the first step toward creating a sustainable defense is to address attacks that prey on human vulnerabilities and error. To do this, CISOs must first establish an enterprise-wide culture that embraces security as a core component of doing business. At Zyston, our team of former CISOs and industry authorities understands that this is often easier said than done. We partner with each of our clients to solidify support from the C-Suite and Board of Directors by clearly articulating how security protects mission-critical operations. We also work with CIOs and CISOs to implement education programs that demonstrate to employees the seriousness of information security, the dangers of shadow IT, and best practices to combat potential attacks.

Zyston works with each of our clients to identify the need for staff augmentation to compliment enhanced security programs. We then go the extra mile for our clients by offering the services of our Delivery arm, which provides access to world-class information security talent. Our team of experts also works with clients to manage and implement ongoing information security technology programs, including – if needed – the fulfillment of all responsibilities that are typically owned by the CISO.