Every year, MSSP Alert lists the 250 best Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).  MSSP Alert conducts thorough research on the top companies in the MSSP, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) industries. These nominees come from all around the globe.

Zyston was featured on this list of the top Managed Security Service Providers for the second consecutive year. MSSP Alert included Zyston in their Top 250 in recognition of their exemplary MSSP and XDR services tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses).

This blog post outlines the importance of cybersecurity solutions while discussing what MSSP Alert does and how they choose honorees. It also outlines some of the significant findings from MSSP Alert’s extensive industry research. Cumulatively, this information will help you find the right provider for your company’s cybersecurity needs.

Importance of Robust Cybersecurity Solutions
During 2020, cybersecurity threats increased, both in frequency and in the level of damage they caused. According to IBM’s annual data breach report, the average cost of a successful cybersecurity attack in 2020 was $4.24 million.

These figures have risen even more in 2021. However, fully deployed managed security services and automation was a significant mitigating factor that could reduce the impact of cyberattacks.

While cybercriminals have attacked all manner of digital assets, cloud services are their favorite target. Employees that work remotely and access your company’s cloud from home can fall victim to phishing tactics and other credential-stealing strategies.

Once hackers get their hands on an employee’s login information, they can infiltrate your network and wreak havoc.

MSSPs not only reduce your risk of falling victim to these crippling cyberattacks but also provide valuable damage mitigation services. An MSSP is a cost-effective way to maintain compliance, reduce risks, and overcome the skills gap sweeping the nation.

What is MSSP Alert?
MSSP Alert is an organization that conducts extensive research for managed service providers (MSPs), managed security services providers (MSSPs), and other cybersecurity professionals.

They also provide news coverage of the latest developments in the cybersecurity industry, including new technologies and looming malware threats.

Each year, MSSP Alert, which After Nines, Inc. publishes, releases a list of the top MSSPs from around the globe.

During the release of this year’s list, Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines, Inc., addressed the value of the MSSP Alert community:

“Amid continued ransomware, malware and supply chain cyber-attacks, the MSSP Alert readership and community continues to mitigate risks for businesses and government organizations worldwide,” she said.

She also took the time to specifically mention Zyston during the announcement. “After Nines Inc. and MSSP Alert congratulate Zyston on this year’s honor,” Katz stated.

Since MSSP Alert was founded, the organization has worked hand-in-hand with MSSPs like Zyston to provide businesses with invaluable cybersecurity solutions.

How Are Honorees Chosen?
MSSP Alert uses a combination of research and readership surveys to identify candidates for the Top 250 MSSPs List. Honorees are chosen based on the impact that they made on the cybersecurity industry over the previous year.

They are also graded on their growth and evolution within the MSSP space. With this year’s list, MSSP Alert honored organizations from 26 different countries.

Significant Findings of MSSP Alert Research
MSSP Alert releases significant findings of their latest research in conjunction with the Top 250 list. Based on their study, honorees like Zyston are projected to generate 16% more revenue in 2021, which translates to $22.3 million. This figure demonstrates a consistent growth rate that is in line with the previous year’s report.

MSSP Alert’s research also found that the most pressing cybersecurity concerns for companies with MSSPs are phishing, ransomware, and vulnerability exploits.

These cyberattack methods seek to exploit human error and undetected weaknesses within the network’s architecture. The figures indicate that cybersecurity is and will remain a chief concern for businesses of all sizes.

Zyston: A Leader in MSSP Innovation
Since its founding in 2016, Zyston has received significant industry recognition. In addition to consecutive placement on the MSSP Alert list, Forrester named Zyston a leader among midsized cybersecurity consulting firms.

Being named to MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSPs List for 2021 is another affirmation that Zyston is an industry leader in cybersecurity.

Zyston CEO Craig Stamm took a moment to reflect on this accolade that is indicative of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Stamm says that “Zyston’s continued recognition by industry publications and analysts highlights the success our unique cybersecurity service offering is having within the mid-market enterprise. Our mission is to redefine how middle market companies conduct their cybersecurity program.”

If you are searching for an innovative MSSP provider for your mid-sized company’s cybersecurity needs, Zyston is a clear choice.

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