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Industry-First Solution Evaluates Security Program Maturity And Business Risk To People, Processes, and Technology

October 15, 2020 (Dallas, TX, AND Atlanta, GA) — Zyston, a managed security service (MSSP & MDR) provider, today announces the availability of its new CyberCAST security assessment. With a focus on evaluating security program maturity, Zyston’s CyberCAST combines a technical penetration test with an industry-leading security assessment. As cybersecurity breaches become more paramount and widespread, Zyston is prepared to help its customers reduce the threat of dangerous cyber-attacks with its new CyberCAST offering.

“Recently, the FBI reported a 300% increase in cyber attacks since the start of the COVID-19 health pandemic*,” said Craig Stamm, CEO of Zyston. “As organizations move to cloud-based services to accommodate remote employees, organizations are at higher risk for security breaches.”

Zyston’s CyberCAST offering provides a quantitative security risk score along with industry comparative benchmarks, and both a strategic and tactical roadmap to improve that score to a desired state maturity score over a defined period of time. The penetration test component focuses on evaluating findings based on business risk, categorizing vulnerabilities based on systemic and process-related issues.

“Zyston is disrupting the security industry with our CyberCAST assessment,” continued Stamm. “Traditionally, Security Managers have had to procure a penetration test if they want technical findings, and a security assessment if they want a more holistic understanding of their security program, and often the findings are extremely technical or lacked business context. Our CyberCAST solution is the first of its kind to focus on true business risk in the areas of people, processes, and technology.”

The goal of the CyberCAST security assessment is to provide an organization’s CIO or CISO with a report that they can share with senior executives that explains the state of maturity of the organization’s security posture in a business language they can easily comprehend. As a client’s information security partner, Zyston can both execute the CyberCAST assessment and help facilitate the communication of the CyberCAST assessment findings among the client’s leadership team.

In September 2020, Zyston was listed among the top global 250 MSSPs of 2020 by MSSP Alert, an exclusive research and news publication. Zyston was also recently named an industry leader by Forrester in the midsize cybersecurity services space, and the full Forrester report is available for download on Zyston’s website.

For a limited time, Zyston is offering an introductory CyberCAST security assessment called the Zyston CyberCAST Snapshot. In just 15-minutes, organizations can establish a benchmark of their security program’s maturity and get a sense of where they sit compared to industry benchmarks.

For more information and to arrange a consultation for the Zyston CyberCAST Snapshot, visit www.zyston.com.

* Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com

About Zyston:

Zyston is a managed security service (MSSP & MDR) provider dedicated to providing businesses with a comprehensive range of MSSP & MDR end-to-end services required to build and operate a mature and cost-effective information security program. We combine consulting, staffing, and managed security services to provide the best cyber program management on the market today.  Zyston has offices in Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO.  For more information, visit www.zyston.com.

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Zyston CyberCAST brings the world of cybersecurity metrics up out of the weeds and into the hands of executive decision makers so nothing gets lost in translation. With CyberCAST, your organization gets clear visibility on security risks and also how your organization scores against your industry peers.

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