Cyber security is more important than ever in the business world, and every company is affected. Cyber security failures result in billions of dollars of lost revenue every year, and stolen data for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. As most companies continue to make the switch to cloud computing and data storage, cyber security is having even bigger trouble in keeping up with protecting companies and data. Companies like Zyston are here to help strengthen your cyber security in Austin, but that isn’t the only step that must be taken. So, whether your company is already on the cloud, or looking to transition to cloud systems such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or others, here are some things you need to know about cyber security when using the cloud.

Understand Who Is Responsible for Cyber Security

Cloud platforms have been building up their cyber security as much as possible over the last several years and have sunk billions of dollars into doing so. However, if your company is considering switching to cloud platforms for storage or processing, you must understand that ultimately it is your business that is responsible for the cyber security. A cloud platform can have its’ own strong security processes, but if you have weak points within your company’s systems, those can be exploited.

Cloud Platforms can Improve Company Security

While cyber security in Austin is your responsibility, cloud platforms can be a boon to your own security woes. Securing your own servers for data storage and processing can be pricey, meanwhile, the cloud platforms have already done the expert research and implementation to maximize your security. Working with the platform, you can use their security to your advantage.

Cloud Computing is Far More Expandable

Implementing new systems within your company IT infrastructure is costly, as well as a security risk if new systems aren’t properly vetted and implemented. Switching to cloud platforms means the data there is highly secure, even when expanding, and any moving data is properly encrypted and secured.

Proper Cyber Security Training is a Must

For any company implementing cloud platforms into their systems, basic cyber security training must be provided for all employees. If your employees don’t understand about man-in-the-middle attacks, ransomware, phishing attacks, etc., they are far more likely to become victims of these attacks, compromise your internal systems and inadvertently allow access to cloud systems.

All your employees, especially those remotely, must understand how to properly detect phishing emails, understand the importance of secured network connections, and proper password management amongst other things. Don’t allow them to connect to cloud systems through unsecured public WIFI networks.

Cyber Security in Austin

For all your needs when it comes to cyber security for your company, whether it is on premise or for remote workers, Zyston is here to help you implement cloud platforms in a secure manner. Protect your data and business from infiltration and theft by partnering with Zyston today. Contact us for more details.