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Zyston is an information security solutions company providing businesses the comprehensive range of end-to-end services required to build and operate mature, cost-effective information security programs.

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A Zyston (properly spelled Xyston in ancient Greek) was a warfare innovation used by the Macedonian army under conqueror Alexander The Great. A type of long thrusting spear, the Xyston extended several feet longer than the typical enemy spear, giving the army a more aggressive offensive weapon that extended the long range of its military force.

At Zyston, our tireless approach to innovation and development gives our clients the aggressive weapon needed to combat the many cyber threats that exist today. Whether you choose Zyston for Advisory Services, Human Capital Delivery, MSSP(e), or all three, you will be out in front of your enemies.


Zyston is comprised of experts who are obsessed with our mission: To bring best-practice information security program management to our clients at a high-value, cost-effective price point. At Zyston, we move fast, put our clients first, and always push the limits of innovation.

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Client Focused from End to End

Zyston’s security solution is comprised of four primary categories:

Zyston Human Capital Services: Solving the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

The cybersecurity talent shortage is a global crisis. Zyston is dedicated to solving this challenge, and CyberCAST Plus Managed Services is a key activator in the journey towards a solution.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of Human Capital Services, providing unprecedented access to top talent in every area of expertise, from highly specialized technicians to the executive suite

Our extensive database ensures you the talent you need and an appropriate cultural fit, reducing the risks involved with a traditional recruiting process and helping you get down to business faster

Staff augmentation

Contract orcontract-to-perm

Executive search

Fractional CISO

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