Companies are under equal pressure both to innovate and disrupt the markets they serve while at the same time ensure company assets and customers are protected. What happens when these goals work against each other? Does innovation have to put your company at greater risk? Do cybersecurity programs impede innovation?

On May 9, Zyston Principal Jonathan Steenland spoke at the ATL CTO: Atlanta’s Forum for Product Development Leaders Conference to discuss how organizations can navigate the most common cybersecurity risks while building an information security program that supports – and even fuels – innovation.

During the discussion, Jonathan spoke about key technologies such as AI, IoT, Software Defined Networking and Blockchain that are challenging market norms and presenting new security challenges. He also presented several ideas for development teams to embrace when building secure innovative solutions, including: Know Thy Supply Chain; Know Thy Code; Know Thy Date I/O; Know Thy Hacker; Know Thy Cyber Kill Chain; and Adapt & Overcome with OWASP and Agile Application Security.