Zyston’s Sherwyn Moodley and James Hasewinkle to speak at prestigious BSides Toronto virtual event:

On Saturday 6th November Sherwyn Moodley (lead penetration tester at Zyston) and highly regarded cyber security analyst, James Hasewinkle, will discuss the importance of protecting your business process at BSides Toronto. 

BSides is a community-driven framework that builds events for and by information security members to expand the spectrum of conversation within the cybersecurity realm. It creates an opportunity for intimate discussion and encourages collaboration as participants and presenters converse about the next-big-thing in digital security.

Information security tends to focus on securing assets and people, with frameworks such as the CIS top 18 and NIST. However, the business process itself poses just as great a risk if manipulated or breached, particularly as this can be harder to identify. One example of this type of hacking could be creating fake employees to exist on the payroll and extorting money.

There are previous cases of process hacking that have devastated businesses who thought they were taking the right measures to protect themselves in cyberspace. Don’t let that be you.

Discover more about why you should invest in protecting your business processes, and what that entails at the event.

Link to Event: https://bit.ly/ZystonBSidesToronto

Abstract: https://www.zyston.com/wp-content/uploads/Hacking-the-Process-Business-Process-Compromise.pdf

Speaker bios:

Sherwyn Moodley is the lead penetration tester at Zyston. His extensive cybersecurity background includes founding Exocet Security, a consultancy aimed at helping startups to navigate the cybersecurity landscape and gain maturity in this area. Sherwyn has accolades from Sony, Royal Bank of Scotland, Redhat, and the US DoD.

James Hasewinkle is a well-regarded Cyber Security Analyst and is passionate about using his background in offensive security and psychology to make the digital world a safer place.

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