Zyston the roundup

April 2, 2020 | ISSUE NO. 2

The Roundup is a bit-sized security newsletter designed to be read during boring meetings while providing you with material to share during your next sales lunch.

Zoom Meeting Security Best Practices

As the workforce moves remote,  organizations must adapt quickly. Zoom’s video conferencing tools are powerful, but there are vulnerabilities in the product to be aware of. Zyston has compiled the best practices to ensure the secure and successful use of this technology.

Attackers Use Texts to Exploit COVID-19

Zyston has noted an increase in cyber attacks since the COVID-19 outbreak began spreading across the world. Recently, Zyston associates have noted threat actors using text messages to try to trick individuals. Zyston has noted three particular types of attacks; 1) Giveaways, 2) Alerts, and 3) Selling Preventatives/Aides/Cures. It is important to be aware of the threats and ensure that you do not fall victim to them. Click below to read the entire article.

Reflecting During the Crisis

Many organizations are struggling with business continuity in the face of the current COVID-19 crisis. What should not be lost in the face of our shared adversity is the opportunity to take notes and learn. As a leader, you should calmly and dispassionately write down what worked, and what did not. This exercise is not for praise or for blame, but rather to have a historical record after the crisis has passed. The crisis will pass, and business leaders will be called on to develop or amend existing disaster recovery and business continuity plans. A historical record from your organization will be invaluable reference material to make plans based on facts and observed risks. The minutes you spend taking notes today will save days or weeks in the future.n?

Riddle of the Month

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?