Zyston Remote Workforce Monitoring

Zyston is providing a lightweight monitoring offering to monitor key assets like Office 365, VPN, and Zoom that may be at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Secure Your Remote Work Environment with 24×7 Monitoring for 60 Days

Key Deliverables


Alert Notification Ticket

Remediation Recommendations

Weekly Executive Summary

Use Cases

VPN Monitoring

Use Cases


  • Multiple failed logon attempts in 60 minutes
  • Attempted connection from adversarial country
  • Session lasting over 24 hours


  • Unique connections by user per day
  • Behavior deviations
  • Active connections
  • Percentage of failed logons
  • Connection details (establishment/disconnection)
  • Number of successful logons in the last 6 hours

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Office 365

Use Cases

  • Multiple failed logon attempts
  • Impossible travel login detected
  • Activity from infrequent country
  • Suspicious inbox manipulation
  • Mass Sharepoint file deletion
  • Suspicious inbox forwarding
  • Click permitted to high-risk URL
  • Activity form anonymous proxy IP

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