Webinar: New State Level Privacy Laws Influencing Cybersecurity Budgets & Roadmaps, April 15th @ 11am CST

2021 may be the year that data and privacy legislation explodes across the US. Already, several states including New York, Virginia, and Washington have introduced some form of data and privacy legislation (many are re-introducing bills that did not pass in 2020). In addition, California voters approved a measure in the fall 2020 election that will create a new enforcement agency (and enforcement budget!) as well as heightened requirements under its privacy law. Biometric information (such as facial recognition) and consumer access/deletion rights are likely to be hot topics as new state laws emerge.

Join Mitzi Hill, Taylor English Partner and Data Security & Privacy Department Chair, as she provides insight into new state level data and privacy law changes that will influence cybersecurity budgets and roadmaps this year and beyond.

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