Zyston’s Advisory Services team serves clients by providing a strong security background and a holistic understanding of the client’s business operations. This unique approach allows Zyston to add value to clients that range from multi-national conglomerates to rapidly growing tech startups.

Penetration Testing

Zyston performs a simulated attack on an organization’s networks and systems to evaluate the state of security. Zyston identifies vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors and advises organizations on how to remediate vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.

CISO Services

Zyston provides customers with virtual and interim CISO capabilities – individuals who have expertise in security best practices and experience in a wide variety of scenarios – to develop and improve organizational security programs while avoiding the level of effort and financial costs associated with creating and maintaining this deep expertise in-house.

Security Training & Awareness

Zyston provides a range of security training services, preparing executives and newly hired employees alike to securely perform within their organizations. Trainings can be tailored to specific needs such as phishing campaigns, data handling best practices, and social engineering identification.

Security Program Transformation

Zyston utilizes security professionals with deep and varied experience to manage your organization’s security initiatives at both the strategic and tactical levels. Previous transformations include SOC creation, data classification projects, and security tool optimization.