About Zyston

About Zyston

Zyston is a strategic information security advisory firm offering tailored solutions that allow corporations across the globe to make informed, intelligent decisions when it comes to their organization’s most mission-critical assets.


A Zyston (properly spelled Xyston in ancient Greek) was a warfare innovation used by the Macedonian army under conqueror Alexander The Great. A type of long thrusting spear, the Xyston extended several feet longer than the typical enemy spear, giving the army a more aggressive offensive weapon that extended the long range of its military force.


At Zyston, we provide a strategic advantage by extending the reach of your protection beyond that of common information security defenses utilized today. We ensure that capital investment, technology and talent are aligned with business needs and effectively deployed to confidently defend the organization and its critical assets.

Zyston CISO Advisory Services assist organizations in the design, development and ongoing execution of effective information security programs through the firm’s proven, proprietary approach – Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, Adapt & Overcome. Complementary offerings include CISO-As-A-Service which provides organizations with senior-level information security advisors to fill in-house roles on a full or part-time basis. Zyston M&A Information Security Due Diligence provides comprehensive review of an acquisition target’s information network in a compressed deal timeframe. This service brings value to both private equity firms and corporations in their acquisition diligence processes.

Zyston’s Delivery Services arm supports clients nationwide by supplying the human capital expertise required to implement and execute strong and sustainable engagements.