About Zyston

A Zyston (properly spelled Xyston in ancient Greek) was a warfare innovation used by the Macedonian army under conqueror Alexander The Great. A type of long thrusting spear, the Xyston extended several feet longer than the typical enemy spear, giving the army a more aggressive offensive weapon that extended the long range of its military force.

Zyston is an information security solutions company providing businesses the comprehensive range of end-to-end services required to build and operate mature, cost-effective information security programs. Zyston’s flagship product – InfoSec Program as a Service (or IPaaS) – provides the full-service capabilities required to manage complete oversight of an organization’s information security program. This allows companies to develop and operationalize custom-tailored programs built specifically to address their organization’s needs and challenges depending on where they are in the development of their security program. Zyston’s full range of offerings includes:

  • Advising and consulting services essential to the design and development of strategic, sustainable information security programs;
  • Talent acquisition and staff augmentation services that enable companies to source dedicated, industry-leading security experts and ensure the right team is in place; and
  • Managed security services capabilities designed to significantly and rapidly improve an organization’s situational awareness and security posture.