Topic: Security Program Maturity: Why It Matters More Than Ever & How To Improve It

Time: On-Demand Webinar Recording


Building and leading a high-performing security program backed by a highly competent, influential team doesn’t happen by chance. Deliberate effort is needed to set the right goals; hire, train, and retain the right talent; and bring it all together with a strategy that shifts security from a perceived rule-focused cost center to the empowerment engine of the trusted business.

Join guest speaker, Jess Burn, Forrester Senior Analyst covering Cybersecurity, as she reviews what to consider when working to gauge your overall security maturity and key components of a high-performing security program model that can work to strengthen security posture over time.

About The Speaker:
Jess is a senior analyst at Forrester serving security and risk professionals. She contributes to Forrester’s research on the role of the CISO and Zero Trust. Additionally, Jess covers continuous controls monitoring; incident response and crisis management; and security training, education, and certification.

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