Know Thy Enemy

Today’s CISOs are charged with protecting their organizations from attack. As such, CISOs need to not only understand their own organizations, but also the motivations and capabilities of potential attackers – ranging from state-sponsored hackers and cyber criminals to hacktivists and insider threats.
We know from experience that not all threats are created equal, and that blindly adding to an arsenal of security solutions does not result in a more stable information security environment. By leveraging world-class threat intelligence, and aligning this knowledge to each client’s strategic assets, the Zyston team empowers our clients to adapt their strategies intelligently and to allocate dollars, technology and talent effectively to defend their business.

Service Options


Customized assessment to identify relevant threats against your business. Includes:
  • Threat Assessment
  • Threat Awareness Education
  • Strategic Countermeasures


  • Tailored Threat Briefings
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Technology Selection