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Clients trust Zyston’s business-focused approach to maintaining a laser-like focus on aligning security to tangible business needs while navigating a complex security ecosystem and cutting through the deafening chatter of vendors. This includes helping customers migrate from static security programs dictated by the tools they own to orchestrated security programs based on strategic business goals and securing high-value targets.

“Jonathan Steenland has been a driving force in the information security strategy of Fujitsu for over 16 years. We look forward to continue working with Jonathan and are excited about building a strong relationship with Zyston and its team of information security professionals.”

Jeff MeierSenior Vice President & CIO, Fujitsu Network Communications

“We have had a great partnership with Zyston. Not only have they assisted us with our information security challenges, but they continue to execute very well in the IT human capital space. Zyston’s unique approach to combine a true advisory service with a human capital delivery model is second to none.”

.John RogersVP of Human Resources, Bridge2Solutions

“I’m impressed with the method Zyston uses to assess cybersecurity risk for an enterprise and make recommendations on how to programmatically improve. Also, their ability to find the right resources for very specialized cybersecurity roles is uncanny.”

Oswin DeallyVice President, North America Cyber Security Practice, Capgemini

“As part of our ongoing commitment to having a strategic, sustainable information security program, it was important for us to find a partner that understood the importance of tying that strategy back to our overarching business goals. By utilizing Zyston's managed service capabilities, we ensure continuous improvement of our organization's security posture.”

Keyvan BohlooliSenior Vice President & CIO, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LTD

“Zyston has been a great firm to partner with. Not only have they provided excellent advisory services around information security, they have also been instrumental in identifying key members of my team. I would highly recommend Zyston and their team to anyone. ”

Mike ChalouxCIO, Access Insurance

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